What are the advantages of moissanite VS diamonds?

Moissanite is also called moissanite diamond. Advantages of moissanite VS diamonds.

1.Physical features
Moissanite has similar physical features to diamond. They both can remain constant and extremely hard. In appearance, moissanite is colorless and transparent, which is very similar to diamonds. Even when tested with a diamond pen, it will be judged as diamonds, which is difficult to distinguish.
2.Moissanite price
For 99% of moissanite stone is synthetic, its price is cheaper than diamond. At the same level,moissanite price is only 1/10 of that of diamond.
3.Hardness level
The hardness of moissanite is second only to diamond in gems. Diamond is the hardest gem in the world, and its hardness is 10 degrees of Moh’s hardness;while moissanite hardness is 9.25 degrees, second only to diamond. It is the second hardest gem in the world. The high hardness makes it not easy to be scraped and can be preserved forever.
Moissanite gemstone must meet the cutting standard in order to achieve the most ideal refractive index and reveal the gorgeous color.

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